Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Here's the opening for Mystery on PBS.Created and designed by Edward Gorey.
I believe animated by Derek Lamb, Eugene Fedorenko and Janet Perlman.Below that is Tim Burton's Vincent.
Boy I sure wish they made more of this type of thing.Enjoy.


Jim M. said...

Yup, some of us are still here. That's the benefit of having an RSS feed - you can tell exactly when updates come.

Vincent & Mark Osborne's "More" played on the same episode of the Sci Fi Channel's "Exposure" short film series. They're part of the reason I'm in animation today.

warren said...

Holy FAK! These are two of my favourite animiminations!

Tom Dougherty said...

I know it almost goes without saying, but don't forget to mention Edward Gorey here! These are his designs and sensibility, and possibly even some of his boards (I have no idea about the boards, but it seems to move the way I'd always imagined his drawings might move).

Nice to have you back.

jastolfo said...

You are absolutely right Tom. I was wrong to assume everyone would know the artist who created the look.