Wednesday, August 13, 2008


When I was a kid there was usually a Saturday morning ritual. Get up as early as possible creep downstairs get a bowl of Frosted flakes ( or the cheaper alternative...Corn Flakes with massive amounts of sugar) and turn on the tv to watch 6 hours of cartoons straight.
The good cartoons usually started around 7AM. For some strange reason now forgotten by me, but since realized by my own children, I would get up at 6Am. Sometimes 5.
Now there were only two things on the television at that hour.
Professor Kitzel.
And Tales from the Wizard of Oz. (Often followed by The New Adventures of Pinnochio).
I've done many a search to find clips from this series but have always come up empty.

Until now.

Thank you You Tube.

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Enzo Avolio said...


It's been years since I've seen this.
Your experience is literally verbatum of my child hood schedule! (except with HONEY COMB)