Monday, November 20, 2006


Well, well, well. Look who's just been interviewed on Randall Sly's 'Character Design' blog.
Yup, me.
Walk on over and have a look. Not so much for my interview but also for the many other talented artists who've been interviewed and have amazing art and designs to look at.

Thanks Randall.

Interview Here


Elliot Cowan said...

Hey pal.
That was very kind of you to mention me in your interview.
How nice to see.

Enzo Avolio said...

Jeff congrats, you deserve it!

Jastolfo said...

Thanks guys.

Matt Jones said...

Congrats Jeff, good interview & thanks for the name-check!
Great selection of your designs too especially like the Little Red Riding Hood & the RAPUNZEL like girl above it.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, dude. I see a bit of Edward Gorey/Tim Burton in your work. NICE!

BLAMMO The Art of Jason Groh said...

Hey Jeff,

Thankyou for the lovely mention in your Interview!

Nice stuff too!


Unknown said...

Congrat!! ALways love your works!