Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Animation history

No new drawings to post so I thought I'd shift gears. First off I'm currently reading Shamus Culhane's autobiography entitled "Talking animals and other people". A fascinating first hand account of the very begining of the animation industry and his life working in it and the people he's worked with. Most copies are out of print now but you can hopefully find a copy in your local library like I did.
Another good book along these lines is "The Moose that roared". A great book as well mainly focusing on Jay Ward and Rocky and Bullwinkle. After reading that book one is left with that old saying "Some things never change".

Finaly I should point out that I have jumped on yet another bandwagon and have opened an online store through Cafe Press. Feel free to browse and shop. If there's enogh interest I will probably move it to a paying account where I'll be able to sell even more types of things. We'll see.
The link for the store in on the right with the original title "Subconscious Ink. Store".

Please come again.

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Jenny Lerew said...

Shamus Culhane's book might be my very favorite of all animation memoir/histories--and that's saying a lot. ; )

Even though he's obviously "biased"--he's so plainly what he is(egotisical, hot tempered) that somehow I feel there's more truth in it than you'd get from more "official" books where some of his topics are concerned. I laughed my head off at certain stories...and the one where he thinks he's going to just be welcomed into the Disney Hyperion studio with open arms, only to basically have to wind up begging Walt for a job at peanuts pay--priceless! I think it's a total education in real animation studio life & politics. Hope you wind up liking it all half as much as I did. Cheers!