Friday, November 25, 2005


A long time ago there was an animation test to get into Don Bluth's studio. I believe it consisted of a little girl in her bedroom sitting on the floor playing with building blocks. I have the test somewhere and when I find it I'll post a drawing or two from it. In the mean time here is my vague recollection of what she looked like.
One thing, and a very important thing, about Don Bluth's designs was that they were very structured. They were designed to be animated by large groups of artists and maintained model.
Structure and model have never been a strength of mine but it has always been fun at the roughing out stage.


Perry Linton Joseph Osuna said...

excellent sense of squash, nice line milage great stuff. I'm trying to achieve the in my own stuff any advice is welcomed please and thank u. said...

I love your little girl ;),make more