Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Book collection

Nothing new to post so I thought I'd share a little memory.

I, like many other artists and animator's, have a Lot of books. Books primarily for reference and inspiration.

One of the first books I bought in relation to animation was Walt Disney's World of Fantasy by Adrian Bailey. By no means was it The Illusion of Life (an animator's bible), but it was still full of wonderfuly inspiring images and photos of the artists who worked there.

This book still resides on my bookshelf along with The Illusion of life,Chuck Amuck, The Animator's Survival kit, etc.

It will always remind me of the begining, of that new found excitment, and of that funny feeling which can only be described as a cross between longing and passion.


Hung Lin said...

great books often brings alot of inspirations.

from Hung


Oscar Grillo said...

Jastolfo..I love this book so much that I have THREE COPIES of it!

spacesick said...

Wow. So I guess I should buy this! I'll take your guys' word for it and pick it up soon.