Monday, October 24, 2005


I have recently had the opportunity to direct another Promo for the studio I work for. As with all the promo's this studio sets out to create there was an insanely short amout of time to complete it.
Without going into it this promo turned out as good if not better than I could have hoped for and hopefully will be sold soon.
Here are some images from it. I was also able to design and pose the characters and help out with boarding,layout and bg design.

All work copyright of Nelvana Ltd 2005.


Todd Kauffman said...

this stuff is lookin sooo sweet...good work jeff.

Virginia Valle said...

what a cute I love your blog :)

jastolfo said...

Thanks Todd.
Thank you Virginia.

Stephen Levinson said...

What kind of pen was used to make this?


jastolfo said...

Sorry for getting back so late Steve. I used a standard run of the mill felt tip pen. I think it's Eberhard Faber.