Wednesday, March 30, 2005


My new favourite book. I just recently happened across the graphically re-released " Bone; Out from Boneville".
I loved it so much I ordered the Complete Bone in one volume from Amazon, which came yesterday.
I never followed the strip when it first came out and only now realize what I was missing. The design is great, the posing is exciting and the story is consuming.
I remember a while back hearing of plans to turn this epic into a feature film by Nickelodeon, talks of which have broken down.(Apparently Nick's parent company Paramount wanted to give it a Rugrats treatment, complete with songs from Britney Spears...scouts honour).

Anyways I highly recommend at least picking up the graphic novel, and if you have the $39 picking up the 1332pg. Complete Bone at Amazon.

For fans of Bone and it's creator Jeff Smith go to BONEVILLE.

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